Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pokémon - XY Screenshots & Eevee Pyramid

The official Japanese site has updated recently with various updated screenshots for the various Pokémon within Pokémon X & Y. These screenshots primarily showcased the same features as before, specifically the Pokémon using their moves, but unlike previous ones, show a different setting to the standard field such as a lake and forest. Our pre-release screenshot page has been updated with these images

The Eevee pyramid describes the food pyramid but in another way. I thought it was pretty cool but there some Eeveelutions that are missing, for example; Glaceon. There, Eevee is described as Grains. Leafeon, described as vegetables, Jolteon described as fruits, Espeon described as milk, Flareon described as meat & Umbreon described as oils

pikachu gif photo: Pikachu gif pikachu.gif

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