Friday, July 26, 2013

Pokémon X & Y - eShop Picture + UK Events + Japanese Event + Tretta Lab Trailer & Screenshots

For those in the UK, a new event has been revealed by the facebook pages of various GAME stores. This event is to run from August 30th 2013 to September 12th 2013 and is to offer a download of a Shiny Dialga. On September 13th to September 26th, a Shiny Palkia will be distributed and from September 27th to October 12th, a shiny Giratina will be distributed. We'll provide full details, as well as official confirmation, as soon as possible

To commemorate the anime, Pokémon Best Wishes Season 2 Decolora Adventures, a new event has been announced. In the Pokémon Centers in Japan, you will be able to download one of four Pokémon. You have a choice between Ash's Pikachu, Iris' Axew, Cilan's Pansage or Professor Oak's Rotom. This distribution is done in four parts, allowing you to receive one of each. First part runs from August 10th to August 16th, second runs from August 17th to August 23rd, third runs from August 24th to August 30th and the last runs from August 31st to September 6th. We don't have the true details of each Pokémon yet.

The first trailer for Pokémon Tretta Lab has been released and has showcased the first image of the back of the scanner, fully showing the actual size of it. This scanner is now shown to have a base that allows the 3DS to rest on it, and is best used on a table.its release on August 10th

                                                    New Footage

The Nintendo 3DS eShop has updated with several bits of information for the upcoming games, Pokémon X & Y and has included some direct feed screenshots that showcase the full dual screen focus of the games. This mostly reconfirms that the PSS will run on the bottom screen when on the overworld, but also showcased the entirity of the bottom screen when in battle. This interface remains the same as before, but includes a new stylised look

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