Monday, July 15, 2013

Pokemon Trainer Goes Through Entire Elite Four With Just A Magikarp !

In My Opinion , Nobody Could Have Done What He Did ! :)

                                    Pokemon: Magikarp Edition

This Pokemon Trainer Playing On Either The Versions Of Pokemon Fire Red Or Leaf Green- All With A Singular Magikarp . You Won't Believe This But This Trainer Went Through The Whole Game With This Magikarp ! Of Course , He Had To Pick His Starters , But He Didn't Used It . It's Not Uncommon To Find Play-Through Where A Player Decides To Go Through The Entire Game Of Pokemon With Something Silly, Like Bidoof . But Magikarp, A Fish Pokemon That's Largely Taken As The Most Useless Pokemon Ever ? That's A Whole Other Level Of Insanity . Still , It Can Be Done .

Some Battles Aren't So Bad In The Game ; Magikarp Is Leveled Such That It Can Tanked Through Some Threats . But There Are Moments That You Think , " Wow , The Battle Looks Painful & Tedious-Is Playing Through With Just One Magikarp Worth It ?

But Then , You Get To The End & This Happens :

And You're Just Like , " Yes , Yes It Was ! "

Naturally , This Undertaking Required A Lot Of Items , But Even So , They Were A Lot Of Close , Nerve-Wracking Moments ! Like Having To Use Struggle To Go Up Against A Ghost-Type , Because Magikarp , In All Of Its Complete Usefulness , Only Has Three Moves : Splash , Tackle & Flail . All Normal Types , Which Doesn't Affect Ghost Type Pokemon . Thankfully , The Move Struggle Has No Typing , But Having Resort To It , It's Still Ridic .
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